Best Places to Invest in Property

Want to figure out the best location to invest in property for you?  At LPC we’re here to guide you through the top four places that not only promise returns but also have incredible opportunities for growth, culture, and innovation. 

From the Northern Powerhouse hub of Manchester to London’s global charisma, each city has a unique investment portfolio.

Why are these cities more than just locations? What makes them the go-to spots for your next investment? In the below article, we explore not just the numbers, but the potential they hold for your property investment journey.

1. Manchester: Where Innovation Meets Investment

Nestled in the heart of the North West, Manchester continues to be the heart of the Northern Powerhouse. 

  • Location: Centrally located, Manchester has an excellent level of connectivity, is known for its vibrant culture, and is home to one of the largest creative hubs in Europe – MediaCityUK.
  • Average Property Price: In the 2023-27 period, property prices are set to increase by an impressive 19.3%, making Manchester one of prime places to invest in property.
  • Average Rental Yield: The city’s rental demand and market are solid, giving investors a healthy rental yield.
  • Predicted Growth: Manchester’s upward trajectory indicates sustained growth, fueled by its thriving economic sectors and cultural brilliance.
  • Why Invest? The city’s appeal extends beyond financial metrics. With a growing population and a thriving cultural scene, Manchester is not just a place to invest, but an excellent place to live.
  • Regeneration Projects: Ambitious regeneration projects, such as the Northern Gateway, the Ancoats Transformation, and many more promise to transform and enhance various neighbourhoods.

2. Liverpool: A Modern Investment

Liverpool, a city with a rich maritime history, has become a modern investment hotspot.

  • Location: Liverpool offers a unique blend of history and contemporary living. Including a lively waterfront, electric music scene, and exceptional architecture, there is something for everyone in Liverpool.
  • Average Property Price: Competitive property prices provide an attractive entry point for investors at all stages of their journey. 
  • Average Rental Yield: Liverpool’s rental market, impacted annually by students and young professionals, offers appealing rental yields, often above the national average.
  • Predicted Growth: Liverpool has some incredible growth projects and significant investments in infrastructure and urban development. Such as the Liverpool Waters and Knowledge Quarter projects.  Making it the location to watch in terms of regeneration and growth.
  • Why Invest? Beyond the numbers, Liverpool’s charm lies in its cultural opportunities, waterfront developments, thriving nightlife, and excellent Universities. Liverpool has opportunities that allow anyone to excel.

3. Birmingham: The Midlands Marvel

At the heart of the UK, Birmingham emerges as a Midlands marvel, beckoning property investors from far and wide. 

  • Location: Excellent transport links, and a diverse economy, make Birmingham a strategic choice for investors.
  • Average Property Price: Birmingham strikes a solid balance between affordability the potential for value appreciation and strong capital growth prospects.
  • Average Rental Yield: The city’s rental market remains steady, driven by a growing population and strong demand.
  • Predicted Growth: Birmingham’s economic diversity positions it for sustained growth in the coming years. There are numerous prospects impacting growth such as HS2, education, the build-to-rent market, and more.
  • Why Invest? The city’s cultural scene, diverse communities, population growth, rental demand, and yields all contribute to Birmingham’s investment potential.
  • Regeneration Projects: Ongoing projects like the Big City Plan and the Smithfield development underline Birmingham’s commitment to progress.

4. London: An Investment Hub

London, a city of global appeal, remains a cornerstone for property investment.

  • Location: A global financial hub, London’s strategic location importance is unparalleled.
  • Average Property Price: While property prices are often a little higher, the city offers diverse investment opportunities, this mixed with the high rental demand makes London an investment hotspot.
  • Average Rental Yield: London’s rental market, though competitive, yields stable returns, especially in key boroughs and central locations for commuters and students.
  • Predicted Growth: London’s status as a global city positions it for continued growth, in terms of economy, infrastructure, education, regeneration prospects, and so much more.
  • Why Invest? London is home to world-class amenities, a dynamic job market, and an exceptional rental demand which make London an evergreen choice.
  • Regeneration Projects: Ongoing regeneration such as projects ensures London’s infrastructure keeps pace with its global status.

In conclusion, these top four places present unique opportunities for property investors to invest in 2024. Whether it’s the cultural brilliance of Manchester, the charm of Liverpool, Birmingham’s economic diversity, or London’s enduring global appeal, each city offers a distinctive proposition. At LPC, we pride ourselves on being property experts and having a client-first mindset. If you feel stuck on where next to invest, or where to start, contact our expert team today. 

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