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About LPC Invest

LPC Invest was created by partners Lee Chettoe and Louise Wareing in an attempt to source bespoke property investments for their clients, by utilising their expertise and experience within the marketplace.

After tripling in size over the last two years, we have developed a team of industry and market experts who offer our clients an honest, transparent approach to investing so that we can ensure that you are investing your hard-earned wealth wisely. At LPC Invest we put our clients and customers at the forefront of our business model, even before the relationships we have with developers, to ensure that you are entirely confident and happy with your investment pursuits.

Your satisfaction and confidence in your investment are paramount and this is welcomed by our clients, with 40% of our client base coming from referrals. With over 16 years of experience in property investment, we are experts in the field and we pride our business in providing outstanding service to our clients.

Meet our Team

Meet the experts guiding you on your Property Investment journey.

Stephen Bryne
Stephen Byrne
Head of Sales & Operations
Stephen Byrne
Head of Sales & Operations

Email: stephen.byrne@lpcinvest.com
Tel: (+44) 7456 874900

Ryan Griffiths
Ryan Griffiths
Senior Property Investment Consultant
Ryan Griffiths
Senior Property Investment Consultant

Email: ryan.griffiths@lpcinvest.com
Tel: (+44) 7456 823143

Natalie Dickinson
Natalie Dickinson
Property Investment Consultant
Natalie Dickinson
Property Investment Consultant

Email: natalie.dickinson@lpcinvest.com
Tel: (+44) 7462 093816

Our Investment Process

We at LPC Invest believe that the best client relationship possible must be built on a foundation of honesty and trust. That’s why we are dedicated to sharing the operations of our company with our clients and buyers, ensuring that they know exactly what the investment process will look like for them, should they decide to work with us.

When you decide to work with our fantastic team, you will begin the investment process below perhaps for the first time or fiftieth time. We are adamant on ensuring that our clients experience is the best it can possibly be and the easiest way to make sure our clients are satisfied along the way is transparency and honesty.


We communicate to our database of over 25,000 people regularly and advertise our investments through various publications.


Once you’ve seen our advert, you will indicate your interest by providing a telephone number and email address so that we can contact you.


Our expert consultants will contact you and this first consultation is the most important. We will discuss your investment expectations.


The process of understanding what investment you are looking for can take hours or weeks. We are determined to ensure that we have successfully performed our due diligence and found you a suitable investment opportunity.


When we have found you the perfect opportunity, we will then begin the process of finding the most suitable apartment for you. We can help you find the appropriate match and guide you along the way.


Once we have found you the right investment opportunity and apartment, you will begin the investment process. You will pay a reservation fee, that upon receipt of, the apartment will be secured for you.


Now you can instruct a solicitor to represent you and assist you in your investment journey. We have a recommended panel of solicitors available that will work at a discounted rate.


We will appoint an after sales consultant to guide you through the processes of payments with your solicitor. Now the process requires going through the contracts and paperwork.


Following this your contracts will be drawn up and as soon as your solicitor is happy for you to sign off on them, you will exchange payments.


Depending on each development, there can be more scheduled payments up until the point of completion.


Upon completion, your solicitor and after sales consultant will be present to guide you through the contracts, possibilities of securing a mortgage, and be on hand for consultations.


Once the property is signed into your name, the process is complete, although we will still always be on hand to consult and assist with anything necessary.


Should you decide to resell your property, we are happy to provide also this service with many success stories coming from this process.


You can reinvest your profit and funds with us into another property and restart the process all over again!

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Latest Testimonials

Hear what our wide range of clients from around the world have to say about their experience with LPC Invest.

Could not recommend them more! Gave a lot of time to help us find the right property and were patient and understanding of our needs. Dave was always quick to respond to questions and helped the process move along at every stage.
by Luke
I had an online Estate Agents for a couple of years and worked in the Property industry for about 10 years, but after one free consultation with LPC Invest, I can't believe how much I learned! Brilliant!!
by LuxLife OSP
LPC Invest offered very useful help and were always willing to give good advice. Highly recommended.
by CJM

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