Is the North West a Strong Area for Property Investment?

The UK’s property market is vast, with Northern regions often overshadowed by the affluent and bustling markets of London and the South East. Yet, as any seasoned investor knows, diversification and exploring different avenues are essential to a healthy portfolio. The North West boasts cities like Manchester, Liverpool and even lesser-known gems like Warrington and Preston, the North West is fast becoming the country’s property investment hotspot. Here’s why…

The Resurgence in North West

Historically, the North of England has been a hub for industrial and cultural development. As investors and potential homeowners increasingly seek varied opportunities for investment, regions like the North West are gaining traction.

1. High Returns on North West

The North West often promises high return on investment (ROI) rates, and capital appreciation in property value over the years, this coupled with steady rental income, offers a compelling proposition for investors.

2. Lower Property Prices of North West on Average:

High property prices often deter investors, especially those just starting to find their feet. The North West often offers much lower than average property prices, allowing for easier market entry and diversification of investment portfolios.

3. Higher Rental Yields in North West:

With cosmopolitan centres like Manchester and Liverpool flourishing with regeneration prospects and growing populations, there’s a consistent demand for rental properties. As the demand grows with the cities, so do the rental yields. Interestingly, even smaller areas like Warrington and Preston are witnessing this trend, making them equally viable for property investment.

The Urban and Suburban Mix

What opportunities are there in the North West? Should there be certain locations on your radar?


Often dubbed the ‘Capital of the North,’ Manchester has undergone significant regeneration over the years. Its booming technology industry and rich cultural scene, often attract a young, dynamic population such as students and graduates, many of whom seek quality rental properties.


The maritime city has more than just The Beatles to its name. With significant regeneration investments in infrastructure and public spaces, Liverpool has seen a spike in demand for housing to buy and rent.


Situated between Manchester and Liverpool, Warrington offers the perfect blend of urban amenities and suburban tranquillity. Warrington is facing a period of significant growth and is quickly becoming a hotspot for property investors looking for high returns.


Preston offers an intriguing mix of history and modernity. Its strategic location, strong stable yields, and ongoing development projects make it perfect for property investment.

Investing in the Future of North West

What stands out about the North West is its potential for future growth. Investments are not just pouring into housing but also into infrastructure, education, and industry. Projects like the Northern Powerhouse are set to make the North West an incredible place to start investing in. As these initiatives come to fruition, the North West is poised to reap significant benefits.

The region offers a unique blend of urban and suburban experiences, catering to a broad demographic of people, and has the most superb investment opportunities. The North West provides everything from young professionals seeking city-centre apartments in cosmopolitan cities to families looking for spacious homes in smaller towns.

In the ever-evolving landscape of property investment, staying ahead of the curve is vital.  Regions like the North West, with its promise of high returns, lower property prices on average, and higher rental yields, are becoming hard to ignore. Whether it’s the bustling streets of Manchester, the charm of Liverpool, or the emerging potential of smaller towns and cities like Warrington and Preston, the North West is undeniably becoming a property investment hotspot.

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