The simple and easy process of investing with us at LPC Invest

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Investing in property is not as difficult as it may seem in 2020. Coupled with Stamp Duty holidays and our transparent and easy steps, we can help you secure your financial future with one of our luxury buy to let investments today. Interested? Good. Let us take you through the simple and easy steps of investing with us at LPC Invest…


1. So, we at LPC Invest communicate to our database of over 25,000 people regularly and advertise our investments through various publications, your first step would be to see one of our campaigns across email, social media and other various online platforms.

2. Once you’ve seen our advert, you will indicate your interest by providing a telephone number and email address so that we can contact you and show you our fantastic property investment opportunities!

3. Our expert consultants will then contact you and this first consultation is the most important. We may not even discuss the investment opportunity with you, this consult is to see what you are looking for, your expectations of investing, and our experts can then deduce if we have an investment that would be appropriate for you.

4. The process of understanding what investment you are looking for can take hours or weeks, however, we are determined to ensure that we have successfully performed our due diligence and found you a suitable investment opportunity.

5. When we have found you the perfect opportunity, we will then begin the process of finding the most suitable apartment for you, whether that requires a penthouse or a water view, we can help you find the appropriate match and guide you along the way.


6. Once we have found you the right apartment, you will begin the investment process by paying a reservation fee, that upon receipt of, the apartment will be secured for you.

7. Beginning the investment process, you will then instruct a solicitor to represent you and assist you in your investment journey. We have a recommended panel of solicitors available that will work at a discounted rate and are experts in our specific developments, however, should you decide to appoint your own you are more than welcome to do so

8. We will appoint an after sales consultant to guide you through the processes of payments with your solicitor and this is the point of the process that requires going through the contracts, and the most paperwork.

9. Following this your contracts will be drawn up and when your solicitor is happy for you to sign off on them, you will exchange payments.

10. Depending on each development, there can be more scheduled payments up until the point of completion.


11. Upon completion, your solicitor and after sales consultant will be present to guide you through the contracts, possibilities of securing a mortgage, and will always be on hand for consultations.


12. Once the property is signed into your name, the process is complete although we will still always be on hand to consult and assist with anything necessary.


13. Should you decide to resell your property, we are happy to provide also this service with many success stories coming from this process.


14. Have profit and funds from your resale property or even your buy to let investment? You can reinvest these with us into another property and restart the process all over again! 


We at LPC Invest are committed to simplicity and transparency with our clients and will ensure that our fullest due diligence has been performed on their behalf. If you are looking to expand your property portfolio or even begin your investment journey, you can contact us or even call us directly on +44 (0) 161 713 3883 for a no-fuss, no-stress first consultation, so that you can help us, help you.

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