New Planning Permission Rules to be Announced

  • 2 years ago
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New rules are being announced today in parliament that will come into effect by September, allowing homeowners of detached properties to expand their living space upwards without planning permission it has been said. 

Previous outdated and bureaucratic planning permission laws prevented the expansion of an owned property without extensive planning permission costs and processes, leading most people to alternatively decide to put those costs into moving to a new house.

With the new guidelines, homeowners will be allowed to expand their home stories by 4m – 6m without the extensive planning permission process that could take weeks and give neighbours the opportunity to object to such plans. This decision has come with Housing secretary Robert Jenrick stating that he hopes people will use these new guidelines to expand and create space for growing families and elderly relatives. Under these new rules, homeowners will be able to extend their properties by use of a fast-track approval service, greatly opening up the opportunity to expand their home to more residents.

It will also allow empty commercial buildings in town centres to be converted into residences, reducing pressure to build on new land and encourage refurbishment of pre-existing structures. This is great news for the mortgage market as banks and other various lenders will have to adapt their way of lending in order to cater to other various forms of property purchasing in the UK.

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