LPC Invest Doubles The Size Of Their Sales Team  

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Sales Team

Lee Chettoe and new investor Steven Dhillon have embarked on their journey of exponential growth at LPC Invest Ltd. The first step is the expansion of their sales team.  

Both Chettoe and Dhillon have huge plans for the future of LPC Invest and taking on a plethora of new members to their team is the first step in doing so.  

Chettoe started LPC Invest in 2018 and has helped to guide thousands of investors on their property investment journey with his knowledge since its ignition. Dhillon entered the business in 2022 with unmatched prospects for its growth and future.  

The Expansion

2022 has welcomed 5 new members to the team at LPC Invest. The current sales team has doubled in size with the additions of Yannick, Ben, and Natalie joining the force. The addition of our new Business Development Manager in the form of Jennifer Iftakhar was instrumental in making the vision of LPC Invest a reality. The final new member on our team is Georgia, our Marketing Executive who has started to create a new level of content for our social media channels.  

“We house trustworthy, knowledgeable, and friendly staff here at LPC Invest who are a pleasure to work alongside and to deal with”. 

The Results

With September being a month of record sales, we have seen figures hitting £4 million. We believe we have one of the best sales teams in the business and this is proof of that. 

LPC Invest is now a team built up of 11 employees and this is only set to grow within the coming years. This is a journey we are incredibly excited about, and we cannot wait to grow alongside those such as yourself. 

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