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Why should you invest in Birmingham?

Birmingham, one of the UK's economic superpowers stands proud in the North West of England as has seen itself crowned as the UK's second city. The city has cemented itself as a true powerhouse with its ever-growing young population and mass appeal to those choosing to relocate from London's centre. This is to be supported by the arrival of infrastructure projects such as Crossrail and HS2, both are set to increase investors' confidence in the property industry and the demand for buy-to-let property.

  • Supply Vs Demand
    In late February of 2022, buyer demand was 70% higher than the 5-year average, while the total supply of homes available to buy was 43% lower.
  • Growth In House Price
    In the last 12 months, the average house price in Birmingham has risen by 8.3%, lower than the recent high of 9.6% in early March of 2022. However, the housing prices in London have experienced a 4% increase, which is noteworthy due to the fact that the cost of housing in the capital is generally higher compared to other regions in the country.
  • Market For Rental Properties
    In Birmingham, you will find a wide range of buy-to-let property rental opportunities. Among the tenants are locals, people who work in Birmingham, as well as students at all 5 Birmingham Universities. Short-term rental and serviced accommodation are also available and in high demand across the city. Birmingham presents a lucrative opportunity for buy-to-let investors with the potential to generate substantial returns from rental properties.Home.co.uk's Birmingham Market Rent Summary suggests that the average monthly rent across Birmingham is currently around £1,526, but actual rents depend on the type of property and location. Highlighting how Birmingham is one of the UK’s best cities when concerning buy-to-let investment. Currently, the average rent for different types of Birmingham houses or flats is £944 PCM for a one-bed apartment, £1,316 for a two-bed apartment and £1,489 for a three-bed apartment. Proving the strengths of this lucrative market. (However, achievable rents and rents for particular areas should be checked with your local letting agent.) Birmingham property yields based on a long-term lease range from 3% to 5% on average (property.xyz). However, certain areas of Birmingham can offer yields of over 6%.

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