Sales Team

LPC Invest Doubles The Size Of Their Sales Team  

Lee Chettoe and new investor Steven Dhillon have embarked on their journey of exponential growth at LPC Invest Ltd. The first step is the expansion of their sales team.   Both Chettoe and Dhillon have huge plans for the future of LPC Invest and taking on a plethora of new members to their team is the first step in doing so.   Chettoe started LPC Invest in 2018 and has helped to guide thousands of...

Value of Pound Drops

What Does The Value Of The Pound Mean For You

What Does The Value Of The Pound Mean For You The UK Government's decision to instrument the biggest tax cuts in 50 years has caused shockwaves to ripple through its financial markets. Although this was always going to be seen as a gamble, the effects are something to be noted and understood. With the value of the pound dropping, we want to guide you through its affects and explain what this means for...


What The Government’s Mini-Budget Means For You

Today the Chancellor entered the House of Commons detailing his mini-budget. Discussing the new wave of economic measures that are to be introduced by the Government was on the agenda. Kwasi Kwarteng explained how the Government is to make "difficult decisions" in order to achieve economic growth and prosperity. As a result of this, the rejuvenation of the UK's economic state is not something that will...

Bank of England

The Bank of England’s September Monetary Policy Summary

Today the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) met for the sixth time this year. The meeting acted as a floor for economic discussion leading to an evident increase in Bank Rate. It is no surprise, that in August of 2022 the risks surrounding the policy's projection were incredibly high. This falling as a result of the large increase in wholesale gas prices since May. Alongside the...

The average UK-property price is £260230

The average UK property price is now £260,230, a jump of nearly £30,000 in just 12 months.

The Nationwide, the World’s largest Building Society with over 15 million members, has recently reported that house prices in the UK are now 20% higher than they were in February 2020 – the same month the UK was hit by the global COVID 19 pandemic. The building society, which keeps a close eye on mortgage and property activity as it is larger than all the other UK building societies combined, also...

Make a Difference to Your Investment portfolio

Let Our Years of Experience Make a Difference to Your Investment Portfolio

Steve Byrne of LPC Invest gives a quick review of what’s been happening in the property market! "I can’t honestly remember a year like last year for property investment. Despite all the COVID restrictions, doom, and gloom surrounding the economy, property prices continued to rise, and demand remained consistently high throughout the year. The Office for National Statistics reported that house...

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